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Looking for superb flood defence products at unbeatable prices? Look no further than Drainage Superstore’s best selling range of products from brands such as DEKS, Flexseal and more, where we have a variety of products and solutions to flood defence.

Non-return valves

Non-return valves are designed to create a barrier that stops sewage from being forced back up the pipes and into a property during flooding, whilst still allowing the pipes to function as normal and allowing sewage and wastewater to pass through towards the sewage system. With options from both Dek-Drain and Flexseal, there a range of non-return values that can be easily retrofitted to pipes to prevent flooding.

Airbrick flood defence products

Airbrick flood defence products are a discreet flood defence solution from Manthorpe. They are simple covers to be fitted over airbricks, which are one of the first entry points of flood water into a property, and just clip onto a vent. The permanent frames come in a range of colours to ensure they are as discreet as possible, whilst the covers are bright yellow, to remind the homeowner to remove it once the flood subsites.

Flood barriers

Flood barriers can also be used to prevent the ingress of water into a property. Choose from Floodstop barriers, which act as a modular system to create a system in any direction and as long as required. The modular blocks fill with the rising flood water which adds to the strength and weight of the barrier, and all units have hard-wearing gaskets to ensure they are sealed effectively. Another alternative is a heavy duty flood barrier which is designed to last a lifetime. The Hydroshield Pro heavy duty flood barriers are made from steel and aluminium materials, and can be fitted across doorways or wide apertures to prevent flood water ingress.

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