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What are screed rails?

Screed rails are super handy tools that can be used for a number of different projects, not just for drainage works. Screed rails are typically used to lay even flooring, whether the screed rail is used to set the depth of the floor, to guide the levelling tool or to create an enclosed section to prevent the spreading of concrete and other materials. Screed rails can be removable, or they can be fixed to provide extra support and framework.

K Form screed rails

K Form has years of experience in manufacturing innovative concrete framework solutions, and the screed rail products from K Form are no exception. K Form screed rails have been manufactured  from recycled materials, and provide a lightweight and durable alternative to traditional screed rails. Each screed rail is made from uPVC with a built in expansion joint, and can be used with all types of screeds, without needing to be removed after use. 

Screed rails from K Form have been manufactured to be suitable for a number of uses, including pours of concrete, forming slabs with underfloor heating, forming isolation joints either side of drainage systems, for steel deck mezzanine floors and more. 

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