For all your guttering projects, you can trust Drainage Superstore to supply you with the highest quality parts and equipment from big brands that you trust. We also stock a wide variety of roof rainwater outlets, as well as gutter brackets, aluminium coping, wire leaf guards and more.

Take a look at our extensive selection of guttering systems and fixings, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for something in particular in our guttering supplies and can’t find it here. You can reach us through our live chat in the bottom right corner, or give our friendly customer service team a call on 01752 692 221.

Plastic guttering

Plastic guttering is one of our most popular guttering types. Catering to every need and available from many top brand names, plastic guttering comes in many styles to suit all projects including half-round, OG and the more contemporary square styling. With colours such as white, black, brown and the ever-popular anthracite grey there will always be something to suit your windows, fascia or door trims.

uPVC Fascia and Cladding

With fascia board, soffit board, window board trims and more available from Drainage Superstore’s uPVC fascia and cladding range you’re guaranteed to find a match to your project. Combining a fantastic selection of products from the likes of freefoam we’re on hand to make sure you can finish your project with us. Our fascia colours are in line with those available from our plastic guttering range so you can build and install a complete drainage system.

Steel guttering

Steel guttering is a durable, cost-effective and long-lasting option for your domestic and commercial guttering so it’s only fitting that our guttering range includes well-known manufacturers like Lindab and more. Plain galvanised steel guttering, HB polyester painted guttering (which comes with a 15-year guarantee) and many more finishes are featured in our hand-picked range in order to give you the best choice. Stainless Steel Gutta, the only stainless steel guttering manufactured in the UK, is 100% recyclable and non-corrosive. Stainless Steel Guttta is becoming a quick favourite of homeowners and specifiers. Alternatively, Lindab steel guttering is incredibly popular due to the wide range of options available, including marine-grade Magestic guttering, HB Polyester painted guttering and more. 

Cast Iron Guttering

Best suited to more traditional buildings cast iron guttering is the perfect final touch to your project. Drainage Superstore’s extensive range of options from Hargreaves includes half round cast iron guttering, deep style half round guttering, beaded half round and more.

Aluminium Guttering

All of our guttering systems are available in a wide range of colours and sizes with both contemporary aluminium guttering and cast aluminium guttering being no different. Featuring Alumasc Aqualine guttering, Alumasc AX Extruded guttering and more our full range is available in 26 standard colours with both smooth contemporary and textured cast iron effect finishes. 

Zinc Guttering

Zinc guttering is a great choice of guttering and is available in a number of different profiles, lengths and depths. Our range of zinc guttering mostly comes from Zinc Gutta, the only UK manufacturer of zinc guttering, and zinc guttering is commonly chosen for its sustainability, longevity and attractive visual appearance.

Copper Guttering

Copper guttering products are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a stunning visual finish to your home, as well as being incredibly effective. Naturally beautiful, copper guttering needs no protective finishes that will peel or flake over time, and instead naturally weathers to a patina that is a natural blue/grey colour.

Copper guttering has a lifespan of around 100 years or more, and once installed it needs next to no maintenance, apart from a periodic clean and inspection to ensure the guttering isn't blocked. As well as its impressive longevity, once it reaches the end of its life it is 100% recyclable, minimising the environmental impacts. Choose from CoppaGutta's copper guttering, or opt for Lindab copper guttering.


Downpipes are an essential component of roof drainage as they protect walls from rain damage, they guide the water to where it can be drained away, and when connected to a secondary pipe or a sewer system, they protect the foundations of a building too. Particularly prevalent with older buildings, the area where the walls meet the earth need to remain as dry as possible so directing rainwater away is a must to avoid subsidence etc. The Tower of London received the first downpipe in 1240 and they've been continuously part of any urban, rural or city-scape since. 

Each manufacturer of guttering runs provides a matching downpipe for their system. Whether they're universal across all their range or each range has a specific downpipe, you'll find every downpipe you could need here. 

Guttering Accessories

As well as a vast range of guttering products, here at Drainage Superstore, we have a number of gutter supplies, gutter accessories and ancillary products. Gutter hedgehogs, or leaf guards and gutter brushes, are used to prevent blockages from occuring within guttering systems. Simply lay them within the roofline gutter system and water will be able to flow freely whilst preventing leaves and other debris from getting carried down into the gutter. Temporary downpipes, or lay flat tubing, are another popular guttering accessory, designed to act as temporary downpipe tubes whilst guttering is being repaired or building work is taking place. Simply attach them to the guttering and they will guide any rainwater into the drainage system below.

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