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Recessed manhole covers available at Drainage Superstore are hand-picked from brands like ACO, EcoGrid, Wrekin and Clark Drain so you can be assured of the high quality of these manhole covers. Manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel, galvanized steel, cast iron or aluminium (with some smaller size covers available in plastic), recessed manhole covers here are all highly durable, long-lasting and of great value.

What is the purpose of a recessed manhole cover?

The purpose of a recessed manhole cover is to allow safe and functional access to drains and sewers without compromising on looks. Just like a regular manhole cover, such as a cast-iron drain cover, these products cover and protect manholes and drains by locking into the ground. They can be easily removed for maintenance. A recessed manhole cover performs the same function but they have a tray for filling with other materials.

Whereas a regular manhole cover will look like a regular manhole cover, recessed covers feature a tray that can be filled with all types of material depending on where the cover is. For example, in a hospital, you can fill the recess tray with epoxy resin that matches the hospital corridors. This can reduce the risk of slipping on the cover, keep a hygienic, sanitized area and it keeps a theme. A big black manhole cover in the middle of a grey reception area will be out of place.

What can I fill a recessed manhole cover with?

Recessed manhole covers come with an in-built tray that you can fill with whichever substrate you choose. You fill this tray based on the depth that your chosen cover can handle. This is important to check as some trays, for example plastic recessed manhole cover trays, may not be able to support the weight of being filled with certain substrates.

For example, an 80mm deep tray will hold 60mm block paving externally. If your paving is 60mm then opt for an 80mm tray so that you can give the paving a solid 20mm concrete bedding. This is needed so that the content stays put.

Internal recessed manhole cover materials

Internally you can fill a recessed manhole cover with block paving, concrete, screed, tile paving and epoxy flooring materials. Screed and other non-slip materials are perfect for filling a manhole cover that’s going to be in a garage or utility room in domestic properties. In commercial zones, concrete or epoxy materials may be more common to match the flooring to the rest of the aesthetic.

External recessed manhole cover materials

When recessed manhole covers are used externally there are a few other options as to what you can fill the tray with. Block paving and resin paving are common options for pedestrian zones in public spaces and for hardscaped gardens. Other options include concrete, screed, and even artificial grass. When artificial grass is used it will stay looking good with minimal maintenance. If you’re going to use real grass the maintenance will be time-consuming and there’s a chance the grass won’t survive for very long, especially considering that you need a permeable substrate to keep the grass alive.

How can you hide a manhole cover?

It’s never advisable to cover a manhole permanently since you never know when immediate access is needed for a range of reasons. To minimise the impact however you can disguise the existence of a manhole cover by using a recessed manhole cover. It will blend the cover into the garden, pavement or the driveway by using the same materials as the original flooring. There are no implications to access or maintenance and there’s no extra cost once the recessed manhole cover has been installed.

When choosing a recessed manhole cover you always need to take the loading class into consideration as a first thought. Take the loading class you need for your chosen area, which you can work out using our table here, and ensure you’re choosing the correct one. There’s no need to increase the loading class you think you need for your manhole cover just because it’s also going to be filled with block paving for example. Manufacturers take this in to account on the assessment of the cover and its structural load capacity.

What manhole cover load class do I need?

Manhole covers come in load classes to denote how much weight each type can take. Different materials, dimensions, shapes and manufacturers all produce different results and maximum load capacities for their manhole covers so it’s paramount that you check this. However, all manufacturers use the same ‘measuring stick’ when it comes to load classes so you can simply select ‘B125’ then take your pick from those displayed without worry.

Click here to see our guide to manhole cover load classes.

How do you measure manhole cover size?

Manhole covers need to sit comfortably over the hole they’re covering so you need to measure the inside dimensions of the hole, not the manhole cover itself. This measurement must be taken in millimetres for accuracy and because that’s the standard unit for manhole cover manufacturers. Once you have this measurement you can shop confidently for recessed manhole covers.

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