Recessed Manhole Covers

Our 304-grade stainless steel access manhole covers provide you with superb quality, stability and durability, offering amazing value for money and long-lasting design.

You can hide unsightly manhole covers by utilising a recessed manhole cover

Using a recessed manhole cover externally means there are a variety of ‘infill’ options to choose from. This doesn’t necessarily hide a manhole cover, but it certainly disguises one and blends it into the garden, pavement or driveway. There are no implications on access or maintenance, either. This means there’s no extra cost involved once the recessed manhole cover has been installed. If you have a manhole cover that’s inside, for example in a garage or a porch, you can also use a recessed manhole cover. There are less infill options though, simply because there are some you wouldn’t want in the middle of a garage!

You never want to physically cover a manhole cover inside or outside, as you will always need to allow access for maintenance and repairs. Don’t forget that when choosing a recessed manhole cover, it’s important to note the loading class needed. The fact that the cover is recessed makes no bearing on whether it needs to be a higher class than usual. This is all factored in by the manufacturer on assessment of the cover. Use our guide to manhole cover classification sizes to work out which is best for you.

What can I fill a recessed manhole cover with?

Recessed manhole covers come with a tray built in. This is what you fill with the materials or substrate based on the depth the cover says it can hold. For example, an 80mm deep tray will hold 60mm block paving, as it must be bedded in 20mm of concrete for the paving to stay put. You can fill a recessed manhole cover that’s outside with block paving, resin paving, concrete, screed or even artificial grass. It’s worth noting that filling it with real grass makes for a tedious maintenance procedure, and you must get a permeable manhole cover to ensure the grass stays alive. Internally, you can fill a recessed manhole cover with block paving, concrete or screed (perfect for a garage or utility room), or tile paving for porches and more design-conscious areas.


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