Puddle Flanges

Seal around the exterior of pipes the most reliable way with Drainage Superstore’s selection of robust puddle flanges. When passing pipework through concrete, the pipe lengths won't bond to the concrete and water penetration is a real threat. Flexseal puddle flanges act as an effective, durable barrier against this as a cost-effective solution that couldn’t be easier to install. To make sure you’re selecting the correct products for the job at hand, you can call our friendly team of drainage experts on 01752 692221.

Flexseal’s puddle flanges

Market leaders when it comes to offering technologically advanced, durable drainage solutions, Flexseal has built its reputation on engineering products that are fit for pretty much any purpose. Their puddle flanges are no exception, manufactured in 40 IRHD EPDM (conforming to EN681) with hard-wearing stainless steel elements.

Flexseal’s puddle flanges are intended to be installed during construction, acting as a barrier to the water flow on top of the pipes. The body of the seal will compress during concrete pouring but if the concrete shrinks while it’s curing, the rubber construction will relax and maintain that all-important seal against the flow path. Offering good general chemical resistance, Flexseal’s puddle flanges can be installed in walls, ceilings and floors.

Working with puddle flanges

This leading product from Flexseal is available in a range of sizes for pipes up to 340mm. When fitted, these puddle flanges will generally have an outside diameter that is 100-110mm greater than the pipe on which they’re being installed. When working with puddle flanges, users should ensure that concrete cover is 50mm against every surface surrounding the flange. It’s not recommended to use waterproof concrete.

Each puddle flange is supplied with an inside seal diameter that’s slightly smaller than the pipe’s outer diameter, meaning that the rubber will need to be stretched over the pipe while it’s being installed.

If axial loading on the pipe is present, Flexseal’s pipe flange is not recommended as it doesn’t provide axial restraint. In order to comfortably withstand the process of concrete pouring, the pipe will need to be fully supported.

Perfect for both domestic and commercial installations, Flexseal’s puddle flanges are suitable for use with all smooth-walled pipes. In order to guarantee the best results, users are advised to ensure all pipes are clean, smooth and free of any surface imperfections.

About Flexseal

Global leaders in the finest flexible drainage solutions, Flexseal offers the widest selection of approved low and non-pressure couplings that can be used within drainage, sewerage, plumbing and vent systems involving all common pipe materials. With a keen eye on product innovation, Flexseal has seen steady and significant growth since its inception in the late 80s, and remains a firm favourite among modern installers and labourers due to the affordability and reliability of its comprehensive range.

If you have questions about working with and installing Flexseal puddle flanges, give our friendly team a call on 01752 692221 and they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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