Drain Testing Dyes

If you’re looking for drain tracing dyes to use for drain testing and maintenance, we’re confident that we’ll have everything you need, and all at super competitive prices.

What are drain testing dyes?

Drain testing dyes, or tracing dyes, are colourful liquids or powders that are dissolved in water. 

They are used to trace water, which can provide you analysis to work out things such as the direction of water flow, the speed of water flow, or if there are any leaks, and if so where they are located. 

They can also be used to work out whether a waste system is connected to any pre-existing water flow systems or not. 

Drain dye can also be used to identify which manholes, gullies and other connections are linked. 

As well as using tracing dyes in drains and plumbing, they can be used in natural water sources, such as rivers, lakes and streams.

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