Pest Control Products

There are a number of products available to help control pests, prevent damage from pests and prevent them from nesting in areas where they are unwanted. Here at Drainage Superstore we have a range of pest control products to choose from.

Void fillers and non-return valves not only help to protect lower levels from flooding, but also prevent rats and other pests from entering buildings through drainage and plumbing systems.

Rodent tracking products help to identify where rodents are within a buildings. This can be in the form of monitoring bait, which makes rodent droppings glow bright green when under black light, or with tracking dust, which can be placed around the suspect area, and when viewed under black light one can see where the rodents travel to. Once areas of rodent activity have been identified, rodent bait and rodent traps can be used to kill or trap rodents for removal.

There are also a range of products for controlling insects and other small pests. Choose from aerosol insecticides, granular insecticides, electronic repellents or organic pesticides. Alternatively there are a range of smoke generators to treat inaccessible areas such as lofts and small crevices.

We also have a range of wire mesh and fixings for pest prevention and control, in a variety of sizes depending on the pests, as well as clips and cutters for installation. 

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