Underground Drainage Pipes

If you’re installing underground drainage, it’s important to make sure you have the correct underground drainage pipes for your project. Here at Drainage Superstore we stock underground drainage pipes of the highest quality from well known and trusted brands such as Hunter, Brett Martin, Hargreaves and Ultra 3.

PVCu underground drainage

PVCu underground drainage pipes are becoming increasingly popular due to their lightweight property – plastic is much lighter than traditional underground drainage pipes, making it much easier and cheaper to transport. It also means the installation process is often quicker and easier as less machinery is required to lift and install them. PVCu, or plastic underground drainage pipes, are also popular due to their durability – they do not rot, rust or corrode, and are resistant to chemicals. 

Cast iron underground drainage

Cast iron underground drainage pipes remain popular for a range of reasons. Cast iron drainage pipes are extremely durable and strong, with the ability to withstand high pressures and the weight of large water loads. However, cast iron pipes are often made in shorter lengths due to their heavier weight, making the installation process slightly longer due to more joins being required. 

MDPE water supply pipes

MDPE water supply pipes are used to transport water in a range of areas, allowing flexibility whilst also providing strength and stress resistance to ensure they do not burst or split. Blue MDPE water supply pipes are used for transporting potable, or drinking water, whilst black pipes are used with non-consumable water, such as waste water and foul water.

Barrier pipes

At Drainage Superstore we also stock a range of barrier pipes for contaminated ground. These consist of a core pipe, which has a protective coating, and a barrier layer between the tow. These are to be used in contaminated areas where drinking water pipelines need to pass through, ensuring the water is not contaminated by industrial, agricultural, landfill and other areas.

 Unsure about which size drainage pipe is right for your project? Take a look at our guide to underground drain pipe sizes for more information.

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