Underground drainpipes need to be available in a range of diameters so that the best possible one can be chosen for whatever application. Sewer pipes, land drain coils and all sorts of pipes are available here from Drainage Superstore so we’ve broken them down by diameter and by lowest price too. Contact us on 01752 692 221 for advice on which is best for you, or what alternatives we offer if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Sewer Pipes

Sewer pipes are highly durable PVC pipes manufactured with a smooth surface to resist roots from nearby plants and trees from taking hold. Brands like Hunter, Brett Martin, ULTRA3 offer domestic property sewer pipes in 110mm and 160mm diameters. For heavier duty options large diameter sewer pipes offer 200mm up to 400mm cost-effective underground sewer pipes.

DiameterPrice (from Ex. VAT)
110mm sewer pipes£8.07
160mm sewer pipes£16.00
200mm sewer pipes£47.55
250mm sewer pipes£161.21
315mm sewer pipes£247.57
400mm sewer pipes£415.63

Land Drain Pipes

Land drain pipes, also known as land drain coils, are used for all types of commercial and agricultural purposes, typically for creating French drains and soakaway or attenuation systems. In both perforated and unperforated coils, lengths of 25m and 50m are available in 5 diameters to allow installers to dictate in part the rate of water flow. Land drain pipes are available in 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 160mm and 200mm diameters.

DiameterPrice (from Ex.VAT)
60mm land drain pipes£35.00
80mm land drain pipes£31.67
100mm land drain pipes£38.33
160mm land drain pipes£110.83

Twinwall Surface Water Pipes

Twinwall surface water pipes have a smooth inside for water flow and a rough outer side to combat any damage that might be done on-site. With a smooth inside there won’t be any silt accumulation. Perforated or unperforated for soakaway and attenuation capabilities, twinwall pipes come in a variety of diameters. Twinwall pipes come in 150mm, 225mm, 300mm, 375mm, 450mm and 600mm diameters.

Diameter Price (from Ex.VAT)
150mm twinwall pipes£19.93
225mm twinwall pipes£41.09
300mm twinwall pipes£66.69
375mm twinwall pipes£145.76
450mm twinwall pipes£161.83
600mm twinwall pipes£260.77

Large Diameter Drain Pipes

Large diameter drain pipes are in easy-to-cut 6m lengths in both perforated and unperforated. HDPE is a very strong and reliable material so these drain pipes will last a long time and they can withstand any damage that might otherwise be caused to them on site. Structured wall pipes and twinwall pipes make up this range of large diameter drain pipes. 750mm, 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm and 1500mm diameters are available.

DiameterPrice (from Ex.VAT)
750mm large diameter drain pipes£POA
900mm large diameter drain pipes£POA
1050mm large diameter drain pipes£POA
1200mm large diameter drain pipes£POA
1500mm large diameter drain pipes£POA

MDPE Water Supply Pipes

Whether it’s a blue water supply pipe or a black water supply pipe, all of the water supply pipes available from Drainage Superstore are manufactured from stress-resistant MDPE. Bluewater pipes are for potable drinking water and black water pipes are for transporting non-consumable water such as seawater or foul water. It’s important not to get the two confused. Bluewater pipes also have the added benefit of being able to be used for water service connections between mains and domestic residences. Water pipes come in 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm and 63mm diameters.

Diameter Price (from Ex.VAT)
20mm water supply pipes from£11.53
25mm water supply pipes from£18.40
32mm water supply pipes from£22.40
50mm water supply pipes from£51.50
63mm water supply pipes from£78.75

Cast Iron Underground Drain Pipes

Cast iron underground drain pipes are quiet, 100% recyclable, non-combustible, and have high tensile strength. It’s mandatory to have cast iron drainage in certain applications thanks to the strength and the minimal maintenance needed. In 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 400mm diameters, cast iron drain pipes cost less than you may think.

DiameterPrice (from Ex.VAT)
100mm cast iron drain pipes from£80.83
150mm cast iron drain pipes from£160.83
200mm cast iron drain pipes from£271.67
250mm cast iron drain pipes from£400.00
300mm cast iron drain pipes from£499.17
400mm cast iron drain pipes from£758.33

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