MDPE Water Supply Pipes

Manufactured from stress-resistant MDPE, blue water pipes from Plasson are approved by all European agencies for use with potable water in a variety of areas. Flexible blue water pipes offer impact strength that combines with their stress resistant qualities to ensure a stable and secure water pipe that’s not liable to burst or split.

Plasson offer 25m to 150m blue water pipe coils in diameters from 20mm up to 63mm. Purchasing these pipes will reduce labour time and effort as the ‘O’ ring seal negates any nut tightening that would be required for other blue water pipes. When combined with the range of valves, threaded products and universal adaptors that are on offer here, Plasson blue water pipes are the obvious solution.

What is MDPE pipe?

MDPE piping is a type of pipework used in the transportation of potable water. MDPE, or medium density polyethylene, is used in potable water systems because it is lightweight, with a high resistance to shock and potential drops, as well as resistant to cracking. Additionally, MDPE pipes are strong and flexible, making installation of potable water pipes much easier than pipework manufactured from other materials. 

Why choose Plasson blue water pipes?

Also referred to as blue MDPE pipe, PE pipe and MDPE water supply pipes, Plasson blue water pipes are suited to aboveground and underground installation. They’re extremely quick and simple to connect, giving various uses from DIY needs up to trade and industry application.

What do you use blue water pipes for?

Blue water pipes are used for the transport of potable water. Also known as drinking water, potable water needs to be looked after and kept free from contamination or any other chemical exposure so choosing a pipe that adheres to European regulation is very important. Blue water pipes can be used for water service connections between the mains and domestic or commercial residences, and blue water pipes can be used in aboveground applications where the pipes are installed in protective ducts.

What do you use black water pipes for?

Black water pipes are for use with non-consumable water. Foul, waste and seawater are all good examples of what you can expect to find within a black water pipe.

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