Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Re-using rainwater with a rainwater harvesting tank is good for the environment, a sustainable way of using water, and its money-saving. Rainwater harvesting tanks collect, filter and store rainwater so that the water can be used around a home, building and garden. Whilst the collected rainwater isn’t safe for human consumption, the water can be used as grey water for cleaning cars, watering plants, flushing toilets and for washing clothes.

You simply connect a guttering downpipe to the rainwater harvester to ensure you collect the maximum amount of water possible and an overflow siphon ensures the tank doesn’t burst. Rainwater harvesting tanks feature filters, so the water passes through to eliminate debris and leaves being passed through the system.

There are so many benefits of rainwater harvesting, mainly the environmental and cost benefits. It’s predicted that cost savings of up to 50% can be made on the average annual UK water bill. With rainwater harvesting tanks, compared to traditional water butts, there is filtering and the tanks are buried which means there’s no obtrusion or unattractive butts in the garden.

Our collection of rainwater harvesting equipment offers exceptional durability and value for money. Rainwater harvesting equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications, from household garden to professional projects. Browse our extensive collection below.

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The benefits of rainwater harvesting

There are so many reasons why hordes of people are getting into rainwater harvesting, but for most, it’s largely to do with reducing those ever-climbing water bills. By collecting rainfall from hard surfaces such as roofs or manmade hard surfaces above ground, users can repurpose the water for uses such as landscape irrigation, flushing toilets, cleaning their car and washing clothes. But it’s not all about the bills: done properly, rainwater harvesting can turn your garden into a haven of green lushness and also provide you with an alternative water supply during any water-usage restrictions. Although harvested rainwater isn’t fit for human consumption, it is estimated that harvesting rainfall can slash the average household’s water bill by up to 50% a year.

Garden only

Tanks developed specifically for rainwater collection within the garden are available at Drainage Superstore’s lowest possible prices, and with finance deals available to help you spread the cost into manageable monthly payments (deposit required). Available in a range of sizes from 1,500 to 7,500 litres, most of these tanks are manufactured with a low profile for easy and quick installation. Engineered with an inbuilt filter and supplied with a host of handy extras such as connection boxes and submersible pumps, this reliable investment is robust enough to be driven over by cars (when combined with a cast telescope).

When installing a rainwater collection tank in your garden, be sure to invest in the stainless steel garden water extraction unit, connecting from the bottom up and providing an elegant option to complete your installation.

Home and garden

Drainage Superstore has put together a huge selection of rainwater harvesting products which are suitable for both home and garden use. Browse the range to discover the ample benefits of products such as the Rain Cell from Marsh, which is a plug-and-go system designed to harvest water from where it falls. Or discover the RainStore system from Turtle Enviro, with its 50-year-plus life expectancy, high-performance filtering pump and header tank control system.

If you’re looking for maximum water storage, the Marsh Raincell system can store up to a staggering 100,000 litres with its 3m diameter and 14.7m overall length.

Carat-S professional range

Available in Garden-comfort, House EcoSmart and House Professional packages, the Carat-S range can hold up to 6,500 litres of rainfall, providing users with a huge range of choice to suit every need. Easy to install and use, the Carat-S range is available on finance for eligible customers.

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