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Klargester is a brand that has grown to become a world leader in the manufacturing of wastewater management systems. Their extensive range of wastewater drainage solutions is not short of variety. So don’t wait to click the product links to discover more and the right one for your application.

Klargester sewage treatment plants

Sewage treatment plants by Klargester are not only varied in size, but also in use. They understand not all sewage treatment plants will be placed in commercial spaces. So, they have made sure to manufacture products to sit in domestic locations as well. An example of these is BioDisc. This range has been designed to ensure domestic locations are designed for ideal use in a range of properties.

Another example for much larger specifications is the BioFicient. This range has a high-performance compressor and, similar to the BioDisc, has minimal visual impact.

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Showing 1-36 of 68