Klargester Sewage Treatment Plants

Here at Drainage Superstore we are proud to offer a wide range of Klargester sewage treatment plants at our famously competitive prices. Kingspan have developed a range of sewage treatment plants to provide efficient and safe wastewater management. 

Klargester BioDisc

Klargester BioDisc is a sewage treatment plant that has been designed specifically for domestic buildings that do not have access to mains drainage. 

The Klargester BioDisc has a unique design, in that it is the only packaged sewage treatment plant that uses a rotating biological contractor technology for small domestic applications. 

As well as high performance and low running and maintenance costs, there is no noise, no odours, and has a low profile cover which minimises visual impact. 

Klargester BioFicient

The Klargester BioFicient sewage treatment plant has been designed specifically for shallow dig applications – this means that minimal disruption is required for installation.

The Klargester BioFicient plant has features such as low profile covers, an adjustable extension neck, help to minimise visual impact, and its design makes it also suitable for installation in trafficked areas, although structural advice will be required for this. 

With low running costs, Klargester BioFicient is a highly economical and reliable sewage treatment plant.

Got any unanswered questions about Klargester sewage treatment systems? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help – just call on 01752 692221 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner. 


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