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Flexseal, established in 1989, is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety on drainage supplies to customers across the UK. You can find their range of couplings, air admittance valves and more available right here at Drainage Superstore to ensure you have the high-quality products you need.

Flexseal couplings

There are a wide number of different drain couplers from Flexseal. Here’s a brief overview of some of the products the ones you can find by Flexseal here at Drainage Superstore:

Flexseal adaptor couplings

Adaptors by Flexseal are manufactured to ensure that can be used to connect to traditional and new pipe systems. This includes the structural walled plastic pipes. As a result, these can be joined with ease and simply no hassle.

Flexseal straight couplings

 Straight couplings by Flexseal are manufactured for when where resistance to earth loads normally provided by standard couplings is not required. They are easy to install and offer watertight solutions as an EPDM material product.

Flexseal end cap

Capping pipe ends with a Flexseal end cap can ensure the final parts of the system can be fitted to ground applications, above or below. The face of the cap also allows for greater withstand of pressure and minimises ballooning.

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Showing 1-36 of 293