Concrete Manhole Rings

Concrete manhole rings come together with high quality ancillary items so everything you need is delivered to site in one load. We know that durability and ease of installation is just as important on site as meeting the relevant standards, so we only partner with high-grade manufacturers and suppliers for your peace of mind.

Create reliable access to drains and sewer systems that comply with all relevant British Standards whether you’re using concrete chamber sections or soakaway rings. Utilise our trained team as a free resource by getting in touch on 01752 692 221. They can answer your questions with no obligation regarding concrete rings, chamber sections, stepped rings and accessory products.

What are concrete manhole rings?

Concrete manhole rings, also referred to as concrete chamber rings or concrete manhole sections, are manufactured in accordance with BSEN1917, BSEN5911-3 and BSEN5911-4. Manhole rings that are signed off to meet these standards are given the Kitemark stamp so they’re easy to identify. Concrete manhole rings are used to manufacture manhole access to sewer systems and drainage systems. Whether you use concrete rings or not depends on the depth and the requirements of the inspection system.

Pre-cast concrete manhole rings are used for when construction goes deeper than 1m. They’re the most commonly used product to create circular manholes, with minimum diameters depending on the depth of the system. The minimum diameter for depths up to 1.5m is 1050mm and the minimum diameter for anything deeper is 1200mm.

Some concrete manhole rings come with step-irons. These are yellow cast iron steps which allows workmen to safely climb up and down the manhole with secure foot and hand holds. If a concrete manhole ring without step-irons is purchased, then they can be added on separately using mortar.

What is a concrete cover slab and why might I need one?

Concrete cover slabs, also known as biscuits, reducing slabs and lids, are used to finish a stack of manhole rings on the main shaft. They create a single access opening in the most common 600mm x 600mm opening dimensions. This allows maintenance with tools and cameras and it also reduces the size of the opening should the manhole cover itself be tampered with.

Giving concrete cover slabs the alternative name ‘reducing slabs’, cover slabs can take an 1800mm diameter opening down to just 600mm x 600mm which greatly reduces risk to the public. It reduces the risk of adults, children and pets falling in should the manhole cover itself be removed.

Serving as a base for the manhole cover too, concrete cover slabs offer a reliable and heavy duty platform to create an all-round safer construction.

What are step-irons?

Step-irons are either pre-built or added on to concrete manhole rings to create steps to allow access safely into the system. Yellow in colour so they’re very visible, step-irons are typically made from stainless steel or cast iron which is then coated in plastic for strength and grip. Choosing a stepped or non-stepped concrete manhole ring is dependent on the requirements on the manhole.

What are concrete chamber sections?

Concrete chamber sections mostly refer to square or rectangular chamber sections. These types of products are also available in ring shapes, known as concrete manhole rings. Concrete chamber sections are manufactured from pre-cast concrete which has been factory-controlled to ensure it’s of high quality. Concrete chamber sections are also known as HICs (House Inspection Chambers).

Pre-cast house inspection chambers are available at Drainage Superstore manufactured by brands such as Marshalls CPM and Advanced. They are manufactured to meet British Standards in a variety of dimensions.

Build a robust manhole chamber with strong and reliable products. Contact us using 01752 692 221 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner.

Manufacturers of concrete manhole rings at Drainage Superstore

Drainage Superstore hand picks the manufacturers we work with to bring customers concrete manhole rings, concrete chamber sections, cover slabs and more.

Marshalls CPM

Marshalls CPM manufactures a selection of concrete manhole rings with step-irons and concrete manhole rings without step-irons. Ancillary products of theirs includes cover slabs, concrete drain unions, concrete bends and concrete gullies. Marshall CPM also offers soakaway concrete rings which are perforated in the concrete to create a large-scale soakaway system.

Stanton Bonna

Stanton Bonna are another manufacturer that Drainage Superstore works closely with. They provide high quality concrete manhole rings with step-irons and manhole rings without step-irons, alongside a selection of sizes of cover slabs and soakway manhole rings.


Advanced manufacturers recycled plastic chamber sections for use building a fully plastic system. It can be chosen as an alternative to small-scale utilities manholes which would otherwise be concrete. It was designed mostly with the utilities sector in mind as it’s low-cost, environmentally friendly and quick to install.

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