Industrial Area Channels - E600 Class

Drainage Superstore is proud to offer a wide range of E600 channel drainage from well known quality brands such as Hauraton and ACO, all at competitive prices.

E600 class drainage has been manufactured to be able to withstand a maximum weight load of 60 tonnes. This means that it can be used for industrial areas, such as loading bays, cargo handling yards, industrial units and factories. 

ACO S Range E600 channel drainage

The ACO S Range of channel drainage is a heavy duty channel surface water drainage system, that has been developed over 30 years to create the ultimate drainage solutions to be used in local authority, industrial and commercial applications. As well as being designed to withstand heavy weights with a cast iron edge rail, heavy duty grating and 8 bolts per metre, the ACO S Range channel drains have excellent hydraulic performance, whether using it for constant invert, sloping invert, or stepped invert channels. 

ACO RoadDrain E600 channel drainage

The ACO RoadDrain is a one piece resin concrete drainage system, designed to be the perfect solution to surface drainage in areas of high traffic and heavy weight loads. The one piece resin concrete construction means that no components can be lost and stolen, and is strong and rigid for lifetime integrity. It also means that there are no interlocking end joints, and no separate components so installation can be quick and easy.

Hauraton Faserfix E600 channel drainage

Hauraton’s Faserfix drainage channels have been manufactured from fibre-reinforced concrete, one of the most used materials in construction due to its properties. It has optimum stability, and adheres well to foundation concrete for installation purposes, and has excellent hydraulic performance.

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