Flashing Tape

Flashing tapes are required to give the final waterproof touch to windows and doors as well as other areas which may be vulnerable to water or moisture. Using a roof flashing tape is easy thanks to the self-adhesive rolls we have available from Everbuild BlackJack and Bond-It’s Bitubond.

Flashing tape can be used on both flat and pitched roofs for better seals or leak repairs as well as on parapets, flues, RSJs, rooflights, guttering and chimneys. Most flashing tapes are manufactured to be lead-coloured for a natural and authentic finish so you can be confident the flashing won’t be an unattractive addition to your home. The bitumen element of both of our great brands of roof flashing tape mean you get a strong, flexible tape that’s not likely to tear or rip easily so it can be applied quicker. The rule of thumb with flashing tape is to leave at least 25mm of overlap between joined sections of flashing tape to ensure a good sea and waterproof finish.

If you have any questions about our products or aren’t sure which one is right for your project, contact our helpline on 01752 692221.

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