Inspection Chambers

A carefully chosen and well-placed drainage inspection chamber will make light work of clearing any blockages in a drainage system for many years to come. At Drainage Superstore, we’ve put together a selection of the market’s very finest inspection and access chambers to bring you exactly what your project requires. Offering up everything from chamber risers to ring seals and manhole covers, you’ll find everything you need and more. And if you have any questions about which drain inspection chamber is right for the job, call our team of drainage experts on 01752 692221 or use the live chat service on your screen today.

280mm shallow inspection chambers

Ideal for use within 100mm drainage layouts, this cost-effective product comes complete with two sockets and a choice of a straight-through or 90° chamber base. With super-simple push-fit installation, the shallow inspection chamber assembly is manufactured to meet Part H1 of the Building Regulations and comes with a host of extra items for a complete solution.

As well as the chamber itself, users can select double seal lids, inspection chamber risers, and manhole covers and frames to suit the project in question. If working with the double seal lid for pedestrian use, we recommend that a copper-impregnated grease is applied on the threads of the lid-retaining screws, easing removal down the line.

315mm shallow inspection chambers

The multi-inlet 315mm shallow access chamber is ideal for reducing the need for several chamber variants in 110mm drainage layouts. Designed with one base boasting more than 16 connection possibilities, this watertight, push-fit assembly is engineered with an intelligent height’n’tilt adjustable frame and includes two socket plugs.

Achieve the maximum invert depth of 600mm by using the range’s equally durable chamber base, risers, cover and frame.

The recessed steel manhole cover and frame from Savage is perfect for use within areas that see infrequent, slow-moving traffic. Manufactured with an ISO 9001:2000 quality system, this extremely hard-wearing cover and frame for block paving feature a recessed lid with robust lifting eyes for total ease of use.

450mm inspection chambers

Afford your project complete flexibility and straightforward installation with the inspection chamber base from Brett Martin. With chamber base options for 110mm and 160mm drainage layouts, this watertight push-fit assembly features five inlets and three plugs with branch outlets that help to optimise flow direction the easy way.

As well as this unbeatably versatile inspection chamber, Drainage Superstore is proud to bring you a wide selection of ancillary items including chamber riser ring seals, inspection chamber reducers, retrofit locking manhole covers and frames, and spare plugs for a manhole chamber.

When selecting your manhole covers and frames, choose from solid-top designs in black polypropylene with dual-locking capabilities, recessed square to round manhole covers that can withstand a GLVW of up to 2.5 tonnes, and manhole covers and frames developed specifically for installation in driveways. For long-lasting durability and clean aesthetics, the cast iron, solid top manhole cover and frame from Clark Drain is engineered in ductile iron with a black bitumen coating for a discreet installation with a B125 load class.

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