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Here at Drainage Superstore, we have every option available that you might need to complete your project and install channel drainage. Our selection features a host of leading brands including ACO and Clark Drain in 6 class categories meaning that whether you’re looking for domestic or industrial channel drains we’ve got an option for you.

Channel Drainage from Drainage Superstore is easy to fit thanks to interlocking bases and grates. Simply bed the channel drain into concrete after cutting to size and clip on the grates. There are a wide variety of products, including narrow drainage channels. If you’re unsure of how to install your channel drains or need help selecting which of our classes is suitable for your application, then contact our Drainage Experts on 01752 692221.

ACO Drain

ACO Drain is a phrase commonly used to refer to all channel drains due to the popularity of the ACO brand. 'ACO Drain' channel drainage from ACO is synonymous with high quality, high performance products for all applications from domestic use with A15 channels to heavy duty use with F900 channels.

Pedestrian Channel Drainage A15

Our most popular drainage channels are in the A15 Pedestrian class channel drains. These are fantastic plastic drainage channel solutions that offer amazing options for patio drainiage channels, garden drainiage channels and more. A15 Class Channel Drains are suitable for areas of pedestrian traffic, being most applicable to gardens, patios and small home landscaping projects. Capable of supporting weight of up to 1.5 tonnes their strong concrete or plastic makeup makes them cheap and customisable. Plastic A15 drains are available in a range of colours including the option to match your grates to any RAL colour. 

Domestic Driveway Channel Drainage B125

Drainage Superstore’s range of B125 Domestic Driveway Channel Drains are all capable of supporting up to 12.5 tonnes of weight, easily supporting domestic vehicles like 4x4s. We have many options to tailor make your channel drains for your project as you can choose the material of the grates and bases as well as the choice to pick Heelguard channels and anti-vandal Catchlock grate locking clips.

Roads and Car Parks Channel Drainage C250

C250 class Channel Drains are available from ACO, Hauraton, Clark-Drain and other well-known brands, offering our customers a large choice of grates. The application of this class of drainage channels is widened by low profile channels for shallower ground depths, pre-sloped channels to speed up water flow and slot drains for a more discrete finish. Do be sure to check out our range of driveway drainage channels if you're seeking something more suited to a smaller space. 

Highway Channel Drainage D400

Suitable to support up to 40 tonnes in weight, heavy duty D400 Highway Channel Drains are one of our strongest and most popular types. These heavy duty drain channels can cater to architectural specifications as Heelguard channels are available to protect pedestrians and drains are available in up to 300mm widths in order to cope with a high volume of surface water. Highway Channel Drain bases are manufactured from polymer concrete for added strength with iron grates for aesthetics and durability.

Industrial Channel Drainage E600

All drains within our E600 Class Industrial Channel Drainage are manufactured of a reinforced concrete base able to take a weight of up to 60 tonnes. This classification of drains are suitable for application in areas where forklift use is common as they’re extremely strong and durable, aligning with the fact that they’re ideal for installation in factories and warehouses.

Docks and Airport Channel Drainage F900

The most heavy-duty channel drain that Drainage Superstore supplies is the F900 class channel drain which is suited for use in airports and docks. Manufactured to withstand weights of up to 90 tonnes these drains have Catchlock grate clips fitted for ease of maintenance and can be purchased in a variety of widths and depths, including pre-sloped to increase the water flow rate. 

Screed Rails

Screed rails are incredibly useful tools that can be used to install drainage and flooring. Screed rails can help to set the level and depth of the flooring, as well as guiding levelling tools and more.

Drain Grates

Drain grates are essential when installing channel drains, covering the drainage channel to prevent damage, blockages, injuries and more. Drain grates are also characterised by class loads, to ensure that they are suitable for their specific application, and come manufactured from a range of different materials, including plastic, steel and iron.

Poolside Channel Drains

Channel drains are essential when planning and building a swimming pool. Poolside channel drains are used to carry any excess water away from the poolside, removing the potential for puddles and stagnant water to form, which could also cause injury. Poolside channel drain gratings are available in both rigid and flexible profiles, depending on whether they need to fit in a straight or curved channel drain.

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