Docks & Airport Channels - F900 Class

In areas where weight-bearing load needs to be up to 90 tonnes, F900 class channel drainage is required. The juggernaut drainage channels are manufactured and designed in a specific way to ensure that the day-to-day running of industrial locations isn’t affected by rainfall or pooling water. F900 heavy duty drainage channels are typically manufactured from MDPE or concrete to achieve this.

Concrete drainage channels such as the ACO S Range and Clark-Drain heavy duty channels lend themselves to long-life and durability. Items such as ductile iron gratings come as standard alongside F900 channel drains to support the weight load and because ductile iron is a rugged, durable material. Years and years of service vehicles, high tonnage lorries and industry-specific vehicles in airports and docks travelling over ductile iron-grated channel drains still make no cause for concern.

ACO Qmax is a fantastic example of heavy duty channel drainage as it doesn’t affect kerb appeal but offers practical and long-term solutions for drainage. ACO Qmax is designed to be high capacity but only features a small slot drain on the surface to satisfy the demand for form and function. Installed at Belfast International Airport and a Mansfield brick manufacturing facility to eliminate water collecting at hardstanding, ACO Qmax can handle storm water without the need for additional storm water storage thanks to its high attenuating capacity.

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