Whether you’re looking for filtration or attenuation, storm water storage crates from leading brands are available from just £84 per m3 ex. VAT at Drainage Superstore. The lightweight storm and surface water management systems can be easily assembled and installed. They are used beneath domestic and commercial or industrial buildings. Storm crates are easily installed in up to ten layers, with a 95% void ratio. An effective system can therefore be achieved with a small number of crates.

Storm water storage crates for filtration

Filtration can be achieved with storm crates with the addition of a geotextile. If you’re looking to return any storm or surface water into the natural environment, simply wrap the modular crates in a geotextile. This allows for gradual soakaway.

Storm water storage crates for attenuation


For attenuation of storm or surface water, crates must be wrapped in a damp-proof membrane to hold the water. This method is designed so that you can slowly release water into storm drains with the help of a vortex valve. It is suitable if your local authority places limits on the flow rate of the water you send to drains. It also works for smaller commercial projects or domestic projects. This is because you can hold the water until it can be returned into a rainwater harvesting system.

For domestic projects that require a shallow dig, the Graf Infiltration Tunnel weighs in at only 11kg, so it can be handled easily. If the tunnel will not need to take on any load bearing, the minimum earth covering is just 250mm.

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