Geotextiles and Membranes

Here at Drainage Superstore we have a range of geotextiles and membranes to be used on your latest project, all at our famously low prices.

Geotextiles and geotextile membranes are permeable fabrics that can be used in drainage and engineering applications. They can be used to prevent mixing of different soils, prevent materials from entering drainage systems, or to encourage surplus water to flow in the correct direction over structures by using the plane of the geotextiles. Geotextiles can also be used to increase the load capacity of traffic areas by acting as ground reinforcement and spreading weight evenly.

Woven geotextiles

Woven geotextiles are categorized by their manufacturing method. Individual threads of material are woven together to form one large uniform piece of material that has a high tensile strength, making it suitable for highway and civil engineering projects. The woven nature of the geotextile does mean that it is less porous, but this can be beneficial for trying to combat erosion, by allowing water to pass over an area without draining into the soil. Woven geotextiles tend to have a long lifespan, making them suitable for long term and potentially permanent applications.

Non-woven geotextiles

Non-woven geotextiles are made from synthetic materials that are bonded together, and are often made porous through needle punches or heat. They are useful for separating materials, and filtering water, for example wrapping soakaway crates and land drains, but are less useful for large scale stabilisation or reinforcement projects. 

Filter socks

As well as geotextiles and membranes we also have a range of pipe filter socks in various sizes, which are manufactured from geotextile fabric. These pipe socks are fitted on land drains, and allow very fine soil particles and water to pass through, whilst preventing larger soil particles from passing through. 

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