A wide choice of weed control products are available on the market, making it difficult to select the best one.

To help you choose the right one for your needs, at Drainage Superstore we decided to take a look at which weed control fabric is best for your garden or landscaping project.

For the purpose of this article, we have focused on the leading DuPont Plantex range; however, there are many other landscaping fabrics available.

With that in mind, here’s what we’re going to cover.

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The benefits of the DuPont Plantex range

DuPont has been producing a wide range of chemical-free and ecological landscaping solutions for both the professional market and homeowners for the past 30 years.

Dupont Plantex Platinium Invasive Weed Barrier

The innovative DuPont Plantex range of landscaping solutions offers a range of benefits:

✅ Helping to reduce the use of chemicals in landscaping.
✅ Effective weed and root resistance as a result of the products’ thermal bonding technology.
✅ The products uphold a high level of performance over a long lifetime.
✅ There is no risk of chemicals or any other substance being released from the material into the soil.
✅ Installation is quick and easy: the products can be cut with a regular pair of scissors or cutters to the required size and there is no risk of fibre release from the material over the course of time.

groundtex fabric application

Importantly, the DuPont Plantex range assists with retaining the natural biodiversity of the soil.

In other words, it doesn’t affect the creatures which live in the ground. This is thanks to the chemical-free solution’s water-permeable surfaces.

And that’s not all:

There is also good news in terms of durability, as the product is designed to do the job effectively for the entire time it is installed.

Weed control fabric and its applications

There are four key products in the DuPont Plantex range available here at Drainage Superstore. Your choice will depend on the intended application.

Apollo Weed Control Fabric

Which weed control fabric is best for standard applications?

DuPont Plantex Premium is the most popular ‘standard’ choice for weed control. It is permeable to water and air and has a 20-year product guarantee.

Which weed control fabric is best for sloped embankments and driveways?

DuPont Plantex Gold has a 25-year product guarantee and is up to five years UV stable. Alternative products will only last one season if they are uncovered or badly covered at any point.

Use Gold on sloped embankments and sloped driveways, where mulch or other toppings don’t hold in place. Apollo Premium is another excellent choice, especially for driveways.

Apollo Premium Weed Control Fabric

Which weed control fabric is best for brand new planting areas, such as new build sites?

DuPont Plantex Gold is finished with natural coconut fibres, which are woven into the fabric. This makes it a more aesthetically pleasing solution for new builds and other areas where planting is new.

In addition, the colour of the fibres will change from brown to grey between years one and two. When exposed to the sun, the fibres will control performance for up to three to five years.

This is usually enough time to allow for the planted shrubs to take hold, grow and deliver the necessary shade to hold down the growth of the weeds.

After this period, the coco fibres will naturally mulch back into the ground.

Which weed control fabric is best to stop aggressive roots from growing into a garden, road or pathway?

The DuPont Plantex Root Barrier is a non-permeable root barrier, rather than a general weed control. Use it vertically to prevent root structures, particularly aggressive roots such as bamboo, from encroaching on the rest of a garden or disrupting the structure of a road or pathway.

You can also contain the planted area by placing a barrier in a circular structure around it.

DuPont Root Barrier Bamboo Rhizome Damage Protection Fabric

Note: Cocomat and Gold for embankments and sloped landscapes offer an excellent degree of UV stability. This ensures an environmentally friendly approach to effective weed control on sloped surfaces.

Alternative approaches have included using aggressive chemicals and herbicides to hold down weed growth in these types of areas.

Still unsure what you need for your landscaping project? We’ve got a dedicated buyer’s guide for landscaping fabrics to help you out. Alternatively, contact our super team for support.

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