25+ Person Septic Tanks

A septic tank is a large, underground container that is designed to collect and treat wastewater from homes or buildings that are not connected to a public sewage system. A 25+ person septic tank is a tank that is specifically sized to handle the wastewater needs of a community of 25 or more people. These tanks are typically made of concrete or plastic and are divided into two or more compartments, which allow for the separation and breakdown of solids and liquids. The wastewater enters the first compartment of the tank, where solids settle to the bottom and are broken down by bacteria. The liquid then flows into the second compartment, where further treatment takes place before the treated water is released into a drain field or other designated disposal area. Regular maintenance and cleaning of a 25+ person septic tank is important to ensure its proper functioning and to avoid potential health hazards or environmental damage.

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