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Drain grates are a requirement for every channel drain installed but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring, intrusive or unattractive. You can pick which drain grate you’d like to suit your domestic, public or industrial project by using our categories to filter by load class, ensuring you select a grate and a drain grate cover which meets regulations. Choose between A15 pedestrian and B125 driveway drain grates, C250 car park and road drain channel grating, D400 main road and traffic bearing channel grating or E600 and F900 heavy duty drain grates. Alternatively contact our drainage experts for advice on 01752 692 221.

Plastic grating

Plastic grating for channel drains are used in A15 load classes which certifies the drain for a maximum weight load of 1.5 tonnes. Perfect for use in a garden or patio application, plastic gratings or plastic drain covers, also known as drain grids or drain grid covers, can’t be used with any other higher load class or B125 channel bases in driveways. Plastic gratings however are an attractive and sturdy option for areas where there will only be foot traffic travelling over them. Plastic drain covers can also be cut to size. Starting at just £4.30 ex vat per 1m grate they’re the most inexpensive option for A15 applications and can be paired with A15 channel drain bases.

ACO drain grates

ACO drain grates come from one of the most popular and most trusted brands in the drainage industry so you know when you purchase them you’re receiving a quality, long-lasting product. ACO Complete the Look drain grates allow you to customise your channel drainage and pick a grate that complements and blends into your project as opposed to being obtrusive and an eyesore. With 9 different grating styles in a range of materials, finishes and designs, use ACO Complete the Look drain metal grates with ACO HexDrain and ACO RainDrain for a custom channel drainage system.

Driveway Drain Grates

Driveway drain grates accompany B125 load class channel drain bases where they will happily support up to 12.5 tonnes of moving weight. Perfect for installation at driveway thresholds, these drainage grates can take the weight on family vehicles, 4x4s, small boats and outdoor vehicles that you might store on your drive or in your garage. Driveway drain grates are available in materials such as galvanised steel, stainless steel and iron in a range of looks so you can choose what’s most appropriate for you. Install an iron ACO Complete the Look drain grate onto an A15 RainDrain channel to upgrade it to a B125.

Unsure which metal drain grates or grate covers you need for your channel drainage? Feel free to get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help you discover which drain grills and plastic grates are right for you - just call on 01752 692221 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner.

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