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Wallbarn has been manufacturing drainage supplies for over 40 years. At Drainage Superstore we ensure that you can obtain high-quality pedestals for decking, roofdrain outlets and much more. Check out the range to find out more about their vast array of products by clicking the product links.

Wallbarn pedestals

The vast range of pedestals by Wallbarn are designed to provide a swift drainage solution when it comes to adding decking to a property. Discover fixed and adjustable height pedestals designed to support the planks with ease when installed.

Wallbarn extension shanks

Extension shanks by Wallbarn are designed to support the extension of drains. They can be used to extend the reach of outlets to fit into a drainpipe; manufactured with a slight cone shape to support insertion into HDPE drain piping systems.

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Showing 1-36 of 131