Wallbarn Green Roofing Systems

Wallbarn have developed a range of green roof systems to try to combat the constant urban growth and development of concrete urban jungles. They have developed green roofs to improve the local environment by creating wildlife habitats, absorbing CO2 and other pollutants from the atmosphere, reducing the speed and amount of rainwater run-off, improving thermal, sound and vibration insulation, and much more. 

Wallbarn M-tray green roofing system

Wallbarn’s M-Tray green roof system is a quick and easy way of installing a green roof system. The M-Tray system involves fitting a number of modules onto the roof, with all modules being 500 x 500mm. This allows easy transportation and handling, meaning that it can be installed around twice as quickly as a roll-out green roofing system. Another benefit of the modular system is that if there are any issues and someone needs to access the roof, a number of modules can be removed easily and quickly without completely disrupting the green roof.

Here at Drainage Superstore, we have a range of M-Tray modules to choose from, such as sedum or wildflower. We also have aluminium edging bars to enclose the vegetation, and gravel shingles to provide a border for the green roof – this is  recommended to prevent blockages to roofline drainage, and should also be used around roof lights and cables. 

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