Underground ducting must be colour-coded legally to comply with safety and building regulations. This is to ensure that when excavating there’s no damage to the cables as they’re housed in ducting. Ducting also serves as a warning sign as to what cables you may be accidentally interfering with so you can act accordingly. It’s important to know and to adhere to the UK’s universal ducting cable colour codes.

There are minimum depth requirements for all underground utility ducting. For example, mains gas cables must be buried at least 750mm beneath a public footpath or highway. It’s worth checking with HSE or a utility provider on minimum depth requirements.Naylor ducting coils

BlackDomestic mains electric cable, low voltage
RedHigh voltage electric cable
YellowService and mains gas cable (ducting is perforated to allow for gas venting)
BlueWater pipes installed at least 750mm below surface
GreenBroadband, telephone and non-motorway CCTV cables
GreyBT or telecommunications cables
PurpleMotorway service cables for speed cameras, traffic cameras, emergency phones etc
OrangeStreet lighting and traffic signaling cables (i.e. traffic lights)

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