Damp Proof Membrane

If you’re looking for waterproofing solutions for your latest tanking or damp proofing project, look no further. Drainage Superstore has a selection of the most effective tanking and damp proofing products available, from well known and reputable brands such as DryFix, Everbuild and Danosa, all at very competitive prices.

Damp proof membranes

Damp proof membranes are used to prevent the movement of moisture into properties, and can be used between insulation, or under a concrete slab or other porous material. Choose from damp proof sheets and membranes from Danosa, Siteworx and Visqueen, or opt for Everbuild’s liquid damp proof membrane.

Water stop products

There are a range of products designed to stop active water leaks, such as Everbuild’s Waterstop and KA Super Plug. These use different compounds to react and quickly create a barrier to stop leaks almost immediately. The KA Super Plus water stop develops a continuous barrier of insoluble crystals that will go deep into the capillary structure, blocking any further leaks and remaining in situ prepared for leaks to occur in the future.  

Damp proof injection cream

Damp proof injection cream is designed to be injected directly into a wall, where it will target the mortar bed, through the drilling of small holes. The resin inside the cream is activated when it reaches the mortar, to create a pore liner, which is an effective damp proof membrane. Choose from small injection tubes, or 5 and 10 litre tubs.

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