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Looking for everything you’ll need to carry out a site survey? Drainage Superstore has a range of surveying and site work products available to carry out site works and surveys of varying sizes accurately and efficiently. 

Site surveys are designed to plan, gather information and inspect an area upon which work has been planned to take place. From measuring distances, to inspecting drainage and sewers, you’ll need a range of basic equipment to undertake a site survey.

Wooden stakes

Wooden stakes are often used in surveying and site work. They are used for a range of surveying functions, from marking out boundaries to indicating specific points, setting out the layout of a building and measuring the alignment of particular sections of the site, and come in a range of sizes depending on the site they are required for. 

Linemarker sprays

Sprays and fluorescent sprays are used for a number of reasons when carrying out surveying and site work. Linemarker sprays have been designed to be fast drying and hard wearing, to be used on concrete, tarmac, wood and composites, and come in a range of colours so that they can be used to identify a number of different systems or mark out a number of different walls or constructions without confusion. As well as plain colours such as white, red and blue, there are a number of hi=vis fluorescent sprays that stand out to be seen more easily.

Barrier fencing & barrier tape

Barrier fencing and barrier tape can be used during site surveys to mark out and cordon off areas both indoors and outdoors, and is easily to erect using barrier fencing pins. They come in a number of colours and sizes to suit your project.

Linemarker applicators

When using linemarker sprays, it can be difficult to create a continuous straight line. If you’re looking to create a number of lines during surveying and site work, you can opt for a linemarker. Choose from a handheld linemarker that will provide you with more control and stability, or choose a 2 or 4 wheeled linemarker for maximum stability when creating long straight lines. For large projects and site work, there is the Sharpliner Deluxe from Prosolve, which will enable you to create straight, visible lines on larger scales. It is a robust 4 wheel spray paint applicator, and comes with extra can storage.

If you have any questions about our tools and accessories or aren’t sure which one is right for your project, give our friendly customer service team a call on 01752 692221.

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