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At Drainage Superstore, you will find a huge range of quality tools and accessories for plumbing and drainage work, as well as various other building supplies. Whether you are unblocking drains, laying cable, cutting cable installing sewage treatment plants or marking out your site, we can supply you with the tools and accessories you will need. In this section of our store, you can find everything from spades and shovels, to drain testing equipment, drain cleaning tools, copper nails and access risers. If there is anything you need that you cannot find, just call or email and we will do our best to source the equipment in question on your behalf.

Manhole and Gully Tools

Drainage tools and accessories to complete your project include a full range of manhole tools and gully tools. Featuring manhole lifting keys in a range of head diameters for lightweight manhole covers and hydraulic manhole lifters for easy access beneath heavy-duty covers. You’re also able to find a variety of sizes of gully grabs, to make cleaning manholes, gullies, septic tanks and more even easier.

Surveying and Site Work

Complying with on-site health and safety precautions whilst defining the parameters of a construction site doesn’t need to be costly. Drainage Superstore is offering you low prices on line marking sprays in different colours, applicable on tarmac, concrete and wood. The fast-drying spray has a specifically designed narrow head for more precise lettering and numbers. Alongside this wooden marking out stakes from Prosolve are manufactured from economical, softwood in 5 sizes to make surveying and site work even cheaper. 

Caution Tapes

Manufactured to colours in line with the UK construction industry standards, caution tapes in bright colours are paramount to site safety and efficiency. Used to warn of the presence of gas mains, sewer pipes or electric cables, the caution tapes are extremely low priced to ensure your project stays on budget. Now included in the range is detectable tape, featuring a metallic strip that’s easily found by any location tools.

Diamond Core Drills and Blades

Diamond core drills and blades can be used for many purposes including cutting patio slabs, tree roots, ceramic or porcelain. Designed to cut with a pendulum motion they allow for precise cuts and to slice through delicate materials, like tiles, without breaking them. Diamond core drills can be found here in 150mm and 300mm, perfect for creating pipe holes in concrete rings. The full range of core drill accessories, including dust control and angle grinders and disc cutters are at low prices from Drainage Superstore.

Plumbing Tools

Plumbing tools at Drainage Superstore includes a wide range of domestic and commercial waste unblocking, tools for pipe cutting, jointing and cleaning, and rad valves and seals too. For all manner of domestic and commercial plumbing, we have the tools you need. Whether you're a new plumber looking to set up a complete tool kit or you're an experienced worker looking to replace some old kit, check out our foul air traps, bedding putty, air bags, and plumbing testing tools too. 

Drain Plugs

For blocking off drain pipes and for air testing, aluminium drain plugs, steel drain plugs, and nylon drain plugs are high quality from Drainage Superstore. Nylon drain plugs come in diameters from 13mm to 165mm, best placed for use with chemicals such as chlorine as nylon will not melt upon contact with these substances. For help choosing which drain plug is applicable to your project please contact our drainage experts. We can supply flexible plugs and airbags for any difficult diameters or oddly shaped pipes so if you can’t find what you’re looking for our drainage customer service team may be able to find it for you. 

Drain Rods

Drain rods are stiff yet flexible rods that are used to unblock drains and sewers. Here at Drainage Superstore we have an unbeatable selection of drainage rods, drain rod sets, and supporting accessories to choose from. 

Gutter Cleaning Tools

Gutter cleaning tools are a vital piece of equipment for both DIY homeowners and industry professionals alike. A backlog in debris, leaves and dirt could cause you or your clients gutter to clog, causing dirty water to drip down or your gutter to burst. Keeping gutters clean is now extremely easy thanks to our range of domestic and commercial gutter cleaning tools.

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