Drainage Installation Tools

When installing drainage, there are a number of tools and materials you’ll require, whether you’re installing small channel drainage or fitting a large manhole. 

Drainer spades are designed specifically to dig long narrow channels for drainage pipes, laying cables and irrigation. With a longer blade than a traditional spade, it decreases in width towards the end and is sharp enough to cut easily through hard ground. 

There is a range of different types of cement and sand products available which can be used when installing drainage. We’d recommend waterproof rapid set cement, which is formulated specifically for water resistance and will set within 30 minutes. 

Screed rails are used to ensure a floor is laid evenly, and guide the levelling tool across the newly formed surface. It is important to ensure surfaces are even when installing drainage, so that water does not drain in the wrong direction, creating stagnant puddles. 

Liquid waterproofer is incredibly useful when installing drainage. Apply the liquid waterproofer on concrete and steelwork to create a tough, flexible and impermeable coating, protecting areas from water ingress. 

It is important to use lubricant when fitting drainage pipes in order to create a smooth, good quality seal and prevent issues such as leakages from occurring. Choose from lubricant gel, or alternatively a spray lubricant which can be easier to apply.

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