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Drain covers, also known as manhole covers, come in load-bearing classes so you can be sure that they’re going to perform under the strain of weight from cars, trucks and airplanes. The weight classes are slightly different from channel drains but our simple manhole cover sizes guide with weight loads and applications can be found here.

Cast iron manhole covers

Cast iron manhole covers reach a higher loading class than galvanised steel manhole covers as the stronger material allows them to be classified for higher weight loads. For example, an F900 class cast iron manhole cover weighs 145kg itself and is certified to hold up to 90 tonnes of weight. An A15 class cast iron manhole cover is certified to hold just 1.5 tonnes of weight, pedestrian and cyclist traffic only. Cast iron drain covers are a favourite with most installers as the strong, durable material they’re manufactured from gives them an extra piece of mind that these drain covers will be long-lasting. These manhole covers are also black in colour, whereas galvanised steel is a metallic silver finish, so the cast iron in E600 load class is perfect for highways where the manhole cover can blend into the tarmac for a better aesthetic.

Manhole cover lifting accessories

Whether you’re lifting a small drain cover or a larger, cast iron drain cover you can use manhole lifting keys or professional lifting machines to ensure you’re removing the cover as safely as possible. Keys are better for smaller, lighter weight manhole covers. They’re available in different handle styles to give you more choice on what you find most comfortable and most secure. For heavier duty drain covers you can purchase a foot lever to lift the cover or professional lifting machines from Monument. These lifting machines allow one person to safely lift a square, rectangular, circular, triangular or split cover within a minute. Made in Britain, Monument have designed this product to fit easily into a standard car boot, perfect for small local contractors right the way up to large national contractors.

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Showing 1-24 of 550 products