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Decking supports from Harmer, Wallbarn and Eurodec are used for supporting and level timber decking, paving and other timber products. More commonly used for levelling timber decking and paving in domestic landscaping projects, decking supports make previously unusable surfaces able to transform into something good-looking, functional, and stable.

You can also use decking supports on flat or even surfaces to create a void underneath for services, pipes or drainage. This can raise the surface up to make it level with an internal step for example, or it can simply be to create space beneath it. Decking supports are so easy to install and they can really transform a project to keep the space good-looking without needing to redirect pipes and wires.

Decking supports in this comprehensive range are manually adjustable with shims or manually adjusted with threaded sections of the support. These decking supports require the installer to manually add or remove shims, usually of 2mm intervals, until the desired height is achieved. Decking supports that operate with threaded sections mean the installer needs to twist the section up or down to add or remove height.

Most decking supports also feature a self-leveling head that deals with a gradient change for uneven surfaces and slopes. This can help to ensure that the surface above is in perfect alignment with other timbers or paving slabs held by a different decking support.

Regardless of their operation, all decking supports can hold a good amount of weight so there’s no need to panic about whether the supports can hold the weight of the surface as well as of garden furniture, users and things like BBQs or chimineas. The more decking supports there are, the more evenly the weight will be spread.

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