Aluminium is a popular material for many guttering systems and has been used traditionally for many years.  Their design is greatly admired by those who want a sleek, eye-catching system as part of the exterior of the property; as well as a durable system that offers a long-lasting solution for years to come. Having said this, what else makes aluminium guttering special? Find out about the benefits of aluminium guttering and more below!

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What is aluminium guttering?

Aluminium guttering, as stated in the name, is guttering made from aluminium. It is admired for many key benefits and has been used for a variety of applications for many years.

What is cast aluminium guttering?

Cast aluminium guttering is manufactured to replicate the appearance of guttering for traditional or period buildings. It can be used as a replacement for cast iron guttering.

An example of this is the Heritage cast aluminium guttering by Alumasc. Using modern aluminium casting techniques and factory finishes, the Heritage range provides a finish that is both consistent and traditional for your gutter system.  Not only this, but the material is lightweight despite its strength and has high corrosion resistance.

It’s also worth noting that cast aluminium guttering has a lifespan of around 40 years when used in rural or suburban locations. So minimal maintenance is needed.

What are the benefits of aluminium guttering?

Aluminium guttering has many key benefits that ensure a successful and good-looking guttering system.


Aluminium is highly durable. So when put to the test in unique weather conditions, it is incredibly weatherproof and strong against denting. Not only does this ensure optimal performance during its lifetime, but the high-strength durability can ensure long-term use. Sometimes even lasting up to 70 years.

Easy maintenance

The durability of aluminium guttering means that, in the long term, maintenance is low. Better yet, it is a material known for being able to be adjusted or bent into shape should damage be an issue. If, of course, the damage is not salvageable, then a replacement will be necessary.


The lightweight material of aluminium means the guttering can be easily moved to the desired location. This also means it can be easily installed without the need to worry about the risk of a heavyweight as a result of installing the system.

Unique appearance

Aluminium gutters are also admired for their sleek design and, thanks to new manufacturing techniques, are now available in a wide range of colours and styles. Whether you’re looking for half round guttering, ogee guttering or even moulded guttering, you can find all sorts of guttering profiles in a range of unique colours like blue, grey and black aluminium guttering.

How much is aluminium guttering?

Aluminium guttering is considered on the side of higher prices. However, when looking at the aluminium guttering cost, you’ll be choosing something reasonably priced and great value for your money.

Is aluminium guttering better than uPVC?

When it comes to aluminium vs uPVC (plastic) guttering, both have their separate benefits. UPVC is more widely used, but what are their differences and is one better than the other?


UPVC guttering is less durable than aluminium. If exposed to sunlight and rain, plastic is at risk of damage and can even crack when something impacts it. Aluminium also beats uPVC in lifespan, with uPVC guttering having a potential lifespan of up to 20 years with good maintenance.


Due to the lower durability, uPVC will require more costly maintenance over time. Sometimes even requiring a full replacement in some cases. On the other hand, uPVC is a commonly used material when it comes to guttering systems because many uPVC guttering systems are more cost-friendly during the initial purchase. This in turn allows for more availability when it comes to acquiring the materials.


uPVC is a lightweight material. In many cases, lighter than most metal systems. So should you need to easily move guttering materials through specific sites, you needn’t worry about having to carry around hefty loads.


Unlike aluminium, many uPVC gutters are not something that can be reshaped following the initial purchase. Meaning you will have to ensure you have the right measurements to not risk higher costs. However, uPVC guttering still has an appealing and favourable appearance which is why so many properties opt for the material.

So, uPVC vs aluminium, which is better?

Aluminium and plastic both have their key benefits. Arguably, this choice could all come down to whether you want to spend more or less on the initial purchase. Do you think you could handle the higher maintenance cost for plastic guttering or are you eager to have a long-lasting system with minimal care required? If you’re still unsure, you can contact our friendly customer service team to help you decide.

To find out more about the benefits of plastic guttering, see our guide to 5 benefits of plastic guttering.

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Can you paint aluminium guttering?

Yes, you can paint aluminium guttering. There are a variety of aluminium and cast aluminium guttering paints to choose from. This includes paints from brands such as Alumasc, meaning you can match the paint to the brand if needed. You can also choose specific colours to be the same as existing aluminium guttering systems.

Not sure if aluminium is the material for you? Check out our guttering buyer’s guide for more advice or explore the rest of our Help and Advice for further information about guttering and drainage solutions. You can also speak to our friendly customer service team using the helpline or live chat for further support.

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