Plastic is one of the most popular guttering system materials. Thanks to new manufacturing methods, plastic or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) offers a more cost-effective solution than materials such as aluminium or steel – but what makes the material worth the use? Here are five benefits of plastic guttering!

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What is plastic guttering?

As suggested by the name, plastic guttering is guttering made of plastic. It can also be known as PVC or uPVC guttering. However, there are differences between the two.

What is uPVC guttering?

UPVC guttering is not too different from normal PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Simply put, the ‘u’ added to PVC means ‘unplasticized’. This makes it an arguably tougher type of plastic to work with and has been gradually growing in use for guttering systems, as well as other drainage applications.

What are the benefits of plastic guttering?

Plastic guttering is popular for many reasons. Here’s a list of what you can look forward to when choosing plastic guttering.

1: Versatility

Plastic guttering is very versatile. Thanks to the material, there is a wide range of profiles and colours available to suit the requirements of domestic and commercial property owners. Better yet, you can explore these unique plastic guttering supplies from a range of brands. Including FloPlast, Marley, Brett Martin and Freeflow (by Freefoam).

Take a look through our range to find black plastic guttering, white plastic guttering, brown plastic guttering and more!

2: Cost

UPVC guttering is known for being a more affordable solution when it comes to other types of guttering system materials. This is one of the main reasons why it is so popular as a solution as the low cost does not mean poor performance. Instead, it allows for quick and easy access to a new guttering system without the extortionate price.

3: Durability

Plastic guttering systems have been known to last up to 20 years and beyond with good maintenance. They’re great for withstanding extreme temperatures, as well as tough against weather conditions. They’re especially useful for areas of high rainfall because the materials can handle high volumes of water.

4: Easy to install

Unlike some guttering system materials, plastic guttering systems can be easily installed thanks to new manufacturing techniques. Particularly when it comes to joining the uPVC guttering together. The clipping method and lightweight material make for a quick guttering application, thanks to easing its transportation for smoother handling.

Want to find out how to join plastic guttering together? Perhaps how to cut plastic guttering? Check our guide ‘How to join uPVC guttering’ to find out more about fitting plastic guttering.

5: Customisable

Don’t like the original colour of your guttering or has guttering lost its original look? Add a new coat of paint or add a new section! You could even have custom-shaped guttering if the range offers it.

Is uPVC guttering better than aluminium?

Find out more about aluminium guttering via our guide to the benefits of aluminium guttering.

Can you paint plastic guttering?

The short answer is yes, but typically you will need a certain type of paint to do so. Oil-based gloss paint is a common and effective solution. It’s also advised that you clean the guttering with warm water before painting plastic guttering to ensure it sticks to a smooth and clear surface. You can also apply a primer or undercoat, followed by the oil-based gloss paint for a better finish.

Do be aware that a downside of plastic guttering is that it can fade over time. This is why, if wanted, you will need to do regular painting over the coming years to keep it looking fresh and new.

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