When working on a building project, it is important that you choose the most suitable guttering materials for the job. Whether you’re working on a small DIY project such as an outbuilding or a large-scale building project such as a number of houses or industrial buildings, there is a wide range of gutter types, and choosing the right gutter material and profile will create the perfect finishing touch. Ensuring the roofline gutter system is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing is important, so read on to find out about the different gutter types available, and which will work best for your project.

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Here at Drainage Superstore, there are a number of different gutter materials to choose from as well as various gutter profiles. If you aren’t sure which gutter materials or gutter profiles are best for your project, read on for more information.

Gutter profiles by brand

BrandGutter Profile
Half RoundOgeeDeepBoxModernMoulded
Cascade uPVC GutteringView ProfileView ProfileView Profile
Brett Martin Plastic GutteringView ProfileView ProfileView ProfileView Profile
Freeflow Plastic GutteringView ProfileView ProfileView Profile
Hargreaves Cast Iron GutteringView ProfileView ProfileView ProfileView Profile
Alumasc Contemporary Aluminium GutteringView ProfileView ProfileView ProfileView ProfileView Profile
Alumasc Heritage Aluminium GutteringView ProfileView ProfileView ProfileView Profile
Lindab Copper GutteringView Profile
Coppa Gutta Copper GutteringView ProfileView ProfileView Profile
Zinc Gutta Zinc GutteringView ProfileView ProfileView Profile
Stainless Gutta Stainless Steel GutteringView ProfileView ProfileView Profile
Lindab Galvanised Steel GutteringView ProfileView Profile

How to choose guttering materials

How to choose guttering materials involves considering three main factors: the location of the building, the type of building, and the look you want to achieve with the guttering. There is a wide choice of guttering supplies to suit the needs of any project. Choose from a range of styles, materials and brands without compromising on quality or style.

Lindab Steel Guttering

Steel guttering

For a low-maintenance system that’s easy to install and eco-friendly, go for steel guttering. For products in this category, the steel is coated on both sides by a strengthened magnesium zinc alloy. This protects the material from erosion. The surface is also given an additional topcoat for a scratch-resistant finish, which helps resist corrosion in coastal environments.

Check out the range of Lindab steel guttering which also includes an excellent selection of colour options. These products feature UV stable painted finishes, which will not crack or fade over time. Lindab also offers a 15-year warranty on all of their steel guttering, for complete peace of mind.

Alumasc Contemporary Aluminium Guttering

Aluminium guttering

Many people choose aluminium for their guttering due to its high strength and low weight. It is also highly durable and weatherproof. For these reasons, it will maintain optimal performance over its lifetime, providing great value for money. Aluminium guttering can also provide great visual appeal.

Alumasc offers two main ranges of aluminium guttering. The Heritage range is great for traditional buildings and restorative projects. Choose the Contemporary range if you are working on a more modern building. This range is designed with a smooth, clean appearance.

Both the Heritage and Contemporary ranges are available in 26 different colours and a range of profiles. Alternatively, get an exact colour match finish with BS or RAL colours available on special order.

Plastic guttering

Plastic guttering

If you want a reliable but low-cost guttering system, plastic is a great choice. Plastic is easy to install and can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions without becoming damaged or worn. Opt for plastic guttering if you are working on a property in an area of high rainfall, as the material is great at handling high volumes of water.

Plastic is versatile, too, with many different profiles and colours available for all kinds of buildings. There are also a lot of choices in terms of brands, with Brett Martin, Freeflow and Kayflow all offering top-quality plastic guttering solutions at Drainage Superstore.

Cast iron guttering

Cascade cast iron style guttering

Cast iron guttering can last for over 100 years if correctly installed. It provides a long-life, low-maintenance choice and is 100% recyclable. Many of our customers choose cast iron guttering for its fire resistance and low noise pollution, as well as its adaptability to all design styles and building types.

Whether you’re working on a new build, restoration, refurbishment or commercial project, cast iron guttering makes a great choice. Check out our range of Hargreaves cast iron guttering. Alternatively, if it is just the look of cast iron you want, the Cascade cast iron effect range offers an authentic cast iron look, but in plastic (see above for the features and benefits of plastic guttering).

Copper guttering

Copper guttering

Copper guttering is a stylish choice for any building. The material adjusts to the environment, developing a patina that ensures durability and corrosion resistance in the majority of weather conditions. It also minimises the growth of moss and lichens. This reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance.

Check out our ranges of copper guttering from Lindab and CoppaGutta. Copper guttering can be used with lead, cast iron and cedar shingles. You will also not need to add expansion joints on continuous straight runs of less than 100 metres, so it’s easy to install.

How to choose gutter profiles

There are a number of different profiles available within roofline guttering, from more traditional styles to more contemporary styles, and other profiles that have been designed specifically for efficiency.

Half-round gutters

Half-round guttering is one of the most popular guttering profiles available. As simple as the name suggests, a half-round gutter consists of a half-cylinder, with the open side facing skywards. Half-round gutter profiles are perfect for both traditional and more contemporary properties, as they provide a simple and uniform profile with smooth curves that allow any rainwater to run smoothly down and into the centre of the gutter channel.

Ogee gutters

The ogee gutter profile is another popular guttering profile designed with a number of curves, often described as an S curve. The name Ogee comes from “old gothic”, the design of guttering that was most popular in the Victorian era.  The Ogee gutter profile has been designed to replicate the gutters used in the 19th century, so are most suitable for traditional and period buildings, but can also be used to add an air of tradition and authenticity to more modern buildings.

Deep gutters

Deep style gutters are designed specifically for areas in which the levels of rainfall or water runoff are higher than average. Deep style gutters are very similar to half-round gutters, but just with a deeper channel, meaning more water can be held within the gutter system. These deep style gutters are particularly useful for refurbishment projects, domestic buildings in areas of high rainfall, and buildings with large roof areas.

Box gutters

Box gutters are also often referred to as square gutters or trough gutters and consist of a 3 sided rectangular channel. The straight and angular design means that box gutters are particularly suited to projects that already incorporate angular features, such as contemporary-styled apartment blocks and outbuildings. The design of box gutters also means that they have a larger capacity than other guttering profiles, so box gutters can be used in areas of high rainfall or water runoff without any issues.

Aluminium Guttering Joggle Box 150 x 150mm x 3m - Agate Grey RAL7038

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