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Copper gutters are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the impressive looks and long list of benefits of copper guttering. Copper guttering is manufactured without any coatings or finishings that will degrade, peel, flake or otherwise affect the looks of guttering. It’s a totally natural gutter system that is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life. With a life expectancy of at least 100 years though, you might be waiting a while to recycle the gutters!

Copper gutters from CoppaGutta are the only copper rainwater manufacturers to create their products in the UK, only adding to how environmentally friendly copper guttering is. Sustainable copper gutters are often chosen when rainwater harvesting is involved as copper is a natural algaecide and fungicide. This means that there’s little chance of moss and lichen growing inside the gutters, resulting in cleaner and fresher water. It’s also noted that copper is will mildly disinfect rainwater, reducing toxicity and providing water with a more balanced pH, perfect for watering plants or cleaning cars.

CoppaGutta has been manufacturing copper gutters in the UK for just over 15 years now and all their copper products are created from around 60% recycled copper. Available in popular half-round, ogee or box profiles, the elegant and traditional look afforded to buildings by copper gutters can be enjoyed in any style. Hopper heads add another element of style and can provide a feature piece.

Whilst there are no choices of colour when opting for copper gutters, copper guttering patinates naturally from a metallic copper to an attractive blue/green. This happens slowly over a lot of time but there are treatments available to speed up the process. Since there are no coatings on CoppaGutta copper guttering there are no layers to peel or flake and as such copper gutters are maintenance free. Copper gutters do not rust and they’re resistant to corrosion – copper gutters can be installed in coastal areas without fear of damage from sea salt spray.

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