ACO MonoDrain Channel Drainage - D400 Class

Formerly known as ACO MonoBlock, ACO MonoDrain is a versatile channel drain designed and certified to D400 load class for use in parking areas, town centres and other public highway capacities. The channel is one complete unit, so the grate is never in any danger of separating from the base to cause a hazard on highways.

Designed with long-term performance and safety in mind, ACO MonoDrain is manufactured from ACO’s very own recycled polymer concrete, Vienite. By integrating the base and the grate of ACO MonoDrain you get a robust and strong channel drain that eliminates any problems associated with the theft of gratings or dislodged gratings. The grating is HeelGuard as standard to safeguard pedestrians. For maintenance there’s a lockable rodding access point.

Available in 1m channel units in 5 constant depths, ACO MonoDrain can be installed in so many public applications that it’s available in 3 colours to fit in with any desired aesthetic. ACO MonoDrain colour choices are natural, grey or black.

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