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Here at Drainage Superstore we have a range of ACO D400 class channel drains and ancillaries, designed to be both efficient and high quality, to suit your latest drainage project.

D400 class channel drains have been manufactured specifically to support a maximum weight load of 50 tonnes. Because of this, D400 class channel drains are most commonly used on main roads, public car parks, highways and other high traffic areas, where a range of different vehicles pass over.

ACO have a number of different channel drain ranges suitable for D400 class use. 

ACO Multidrain 

The ACO Multidrain D400 range is available in both recycled polypropylene and Vienite, the sustainable high strength material from ACO that adds strength and stability without adding weight. The D400 MultiDrain range of channel drains from ACO feature a V shaped design to ensure an efficient flow of rainwater, as well as minimising blockages.

ACO MonoDrain

ACO MonoDrain D400 drainage channels are manufactured from Vienite, and are a single unit that features both gratings and drainage channels into one product. By combining the grating and channel into a single unit, the potential for gratings to dislodge over time and the potential for gratings to be stolen is greatly reduced. 

ACO KerbDrain

ACO KerbDrain D400 drainage channels are a combined kerb and channel drainage system that has been developed specifically for use in a modern sustainable surface water management solution. The ACO KerbDrain is manufactured from Vienite, the sustainable high strength material from ACO that meets both environmental and sustainability targets, and is an all in one solution to minimise labour and installation times. 

ACO Qmax

The ACO Qmax D400 drainage channel is manufactured from recycled MDPE – a lightweight, chemically resistant and extremely robust material. The ACO Qmax drainage channel has been designed specifically for high capacity drainage systems, and features a circular bore, with a unique patented inlet which ensures any inverts are kept to a minimum, whilst maximising speed of installation and water flow, and allows the product to be fully integrated with the pavement above. 

Not sure which D400 ACO channel drains are best suited for your latest channel drainage project? Call our team on 01752 692221 or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner and they will be happy to help. 

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