ACO MultiDrain MD - D400 Class

ACO MultiDrain MD is a commercial and residential channel drain range from ACO that offers high strength, robustness and high capacity thanks to V-shaped channel bases. By incorporating UltraSTEEL protective edge rails and high-quality gratings into ACO MultiDrain MD, ACO offers a durable and long-lasting channel drain system that will bond well to the surrounding surface. Each channel base incorporates a sealant groove too for watertight installation.

ACO DrainLock bar-less locking system comes as standard with ACO MultiDrain MD gratings for increased security, and anti-shunt gratings provide ACO MultiDrain MD with the durability needed to install these channel drains in public car parks, petrol station forecourts, and HGV parking areas. Its not recommended that ACO MultiDrain MD is used on public highways. To help with the flow of water in flat areas though, like car parks and petrol stations, this range of channel drains is available in sloping depths too.

In commercial and residential applications, each of the 3 widths of ACO MultiDrain MD is certified for use up to load class D400.

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