ACO Qmax Channel Drainage - D400 Class

ACO Qmax is an innovative product from ACO that has been designed to provide a solution to high capacity industrial drainage systems, particularly in conjunction with SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems).

The ACO Qmax system is a slot channel drainage system that provides maximum capacity drainage, storage and attenuation without compromising on design - allowing the drainage system to remain almost invisible. Manufactured from recycled MDPE, the ACO Qmax system is lightweight yet strong and durable, meaning transportation and installation is quick and easy, but the product still has a long lifespan.

This range of ACO Qmax drainage products have been manufactured to class D400, meaning that they can be used in areas with a maximum weight load of 40 tonnes, making it perfect for road drainage and car parks. 

Products in ACO Qmax:

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