ACO Qmax 350 Channel Drainage - D400 Class

Find below the latest products in the ACO Qmax 350 channel drainage range, manufactured to D400 class. ACO have been manufacturing water management systems for many years, using their knowledge and experience to develop the latest innovative products possible - such as the ACO Qmax channel drainage system, and ACO are generally considered the market leader in drainage systems.

The ACO Qmax 350 system is manufactured to D400 class, meaning that it can be installed in areas that undergo a maximum weight load of 40 tonnes. D400 class areas generally include main roads, highways, public car parks and other general traffic areas, and the ACO Qmax 350 drainage system provides not only a drainage solution, but also water storage and attenuation.

The Qmax 350 system is lightweight, chemically resistant and super robust. The Qmax 350 slot drain has a circular bore, push fit connections and unique designs to ensure that the water is managed as efficiently as possible whilst still being easy to install and easily integrated into the pavement or ground. 

Products in ACO Qmax 350 - D400 Class:

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