Gully Grids and Sealing Plates

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Gully grids

A drain grid, also known as a gully cover, is designed to prevent materials from passing into the gully and potentially causing blockages within the drainage system whilst still allowing surface water to pass easily into the drainage system. It's important you choose the right gully drain cover before installing. 

There are a range of gully grid drain cover designs, depending on the required application. If installing on a patio, the gully grid or grating can be any grating, whereas driveways must be at least class B. On carriageways, grids must be at least class C, often consisting of ductile or cast iron materials. 

Hinged grids are a popular choice because they are less likely to be removed or stolen. When installing a hinged grid it is important to install it so that the hinge is nearest the flow of traffic, so if left open, vehicles can knock it shut when they pass over the grid. 

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Sealing plates

Sealing plates are designed to close off gullies, either temporarily or permanently, to prevent the inflow of liquids into stormwater or wastewater lines. 

If hazardous liquids are spilled nearby, sealing plates will be required to prevent the liquids from flowing into the gully, so that rivers, lakes or water treatment plants are not polluted or contaminated.

Additionally, sealing plates can be used to prevent manhole covers from being forced out of the ground in heavy rain and storm conditions, by sealing the gully to reduce the amount of inflow and reduce the pressure on the drainage system.

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