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Siteworx supply a wide range of building products that are designed to support landscaping projects. If you want to ensure your landscape is in top condition, check out their range for high-quality landscaping goods at Drainage Superstore.

Siteworx foam

Foam by Siteworx is designed to have low moisture absorption properties. They can be used in brickwork or blockwork and are available in white or cream colour. You can also choose from a range of sizes depending on the amount you need and whether you are looking for economical value.

Siteworx concrete and screed fibre

Concrete and screed fibres by Siteworx come in a wide range of pre-packed sizes. The reinforcing fibres are manufactured with polypropylene; designed to minimise shrinkage and cracking in this type of concrete and screed mix.

Siteworx Multipurpose tarpaulin

Multipurpose tarpaulin by Siteworx is designed to be versatile, all-weather protection for building works. They are woven using polypropylene for reduced tearing and have been manufactured with aluminium eyelets and reinforced rope edges. Each of these additional features can ensure that not only does the product perform to high standard, but that it is also durable for the foreseeable future.

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Showing 1-36 of 47