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Firestone is a company that has been supporting the drainage sector since 1980. Their waterproofing solutions have been installed in a variety of locations worldwide and they continue to be a supportive member in the industry with innovative waterproof products.

Firestone RubberCover

RubberCover by Firestone is an EPDM flat roof membrane. Its seamless, economical and can last for at least 50 years. It can also be installed without the need to use heat, which makes it a much safer alternative to traditional flat roofing solutions.

Firestone contact bonding adhesive

Contact bonding adhesive by Firestone has been designed to be used with the Firestone RubberCover system. Not only does it come in various sized containers, but it can also be applied to approved insulations such as wood, metal and other suitable substrates.

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Showing 1-36 of 46