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Calder is a global leader in the manufacture of lead sheeting and lead engineered products. Based here in the UK, the Calder name is synonymous with reliability, superior quality and sustainability.

There is a reason why lead is the foundation of so many modern sustainable building products - it is virtually indestructible, as testament to all the historical buildings around today, phenomenally strong, ductile, and easy to work with.

Here at Drainage Superstore we are very proud to work in partnership with Calder and supply their extensive range of lead sheeting, lead flashing, lead slate and more.

Calder British milled lead is manufactured in Chester and conforms to BS EN 12588:2006. Choose from a wide variety of lengths and code types to ensure you have the correct one for your requirements. Calder lead slates are used for pipe penetrations through tiled or slated roofs.  

We are always happy to help you with information and advice on any of our products here at Drainage Superstore. Feel free to reach us on the number above or in the chat box below for further help and support on our range of milled lead products.

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