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Fernco began in 1964 and has since then been manufacturing and distributing products to customers worldwide. Their high-standard focus when it comes to the performance of drainage solutions means you can rely on products such as PVC connectors for sewer pipes that are durable and perform well.

Over the years, Fernco have also committed themselves to improving the way they manufacture their products using PVC. Especially when it comes to the environment. They have taken many steps to ensure they are contributing to the environment, including regrinding and recycling at least 90% of their internal PVC scrap.

PVC drainage connectors (AKA couplings)

Fernco couplings have been tested for many years and, as a result, their fantastic flexibility means you can apply the connectors made of PVC with leak-proof and resistance qualities. This is just a few of the benefits you can discover. Check out the products by clicking the links and find out more!

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