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VIPSeal’s experience has been continuously growing for over 90 years. Their innovative drainage, guttering and plumbing supplies have been designed to last and manufactured in the UK. Meeting the UK standards, as well as several international standards, to ensure you can have the best solutions for your budget.

VIPSeal couplings

Couplers by VIP Seal are designed to be flexible and adaptable for joining. They can also be used in repairs. Whether that may be in a low pressure or non-pressurised pipe, it can fit. Materials can be of any type and size combination as well to make things that much easier.

VIPSeal bush

A bush by VIPSeal is manufactured similarly to the VIPSeal’s seal products. The high-quality elastomeric rubber means you can have more high-quality parts for your system. Choose from numerous different sizes and ensure you are set for completing a drainage system.  

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Showing 1-36 of 358