Domestic Drain Unblocking Tools & Accessories

No matter what your domestic waste blockages are, at Drainage Superstore we are confident that we have a domestic waste unblocking solution for you. 

Toilet plungers

Choose from a selection of toilet plungers for domestic waste unblocking. Simple cup plungers create a force which moves a column of water as if it was solid, forcing it against the blockage to break it down. Alternatively opt for a wire toilet unblocker, which can be passed down into the drainage system to unclog any blockages.

Sink unblockers

For sinks, you can also use a micro plunger that will work by applying pressure to a column of water, which forces the blockage to break down. You can also opt for a wire unblocker which works similarly to the toilet wire unblockers. Alternatively, use a spin thru drain cleaner which has a spring that is fed out of the container into the drain without it touching any clean surfaces nearby.

Not sure what the best option for your project is? You are most welcome to call our customer services team on 01752 692221 and they’ll happily answer your questions.

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